Who are we?

We are a boutique specialist consultancy working alongside our clients on a principal-to-principal basis.

We combine our first-hand operational experience and in-depth knowledge gained through years of consultancy with a determination and passion to achieve the best result for our clients.

Our clients and sectors

We work for organisations providing service-related solutions, particularly within the Government, Defence, Manufacturing and Property sectors.

We are equally comfortable working in large corporates or with small business owners.

Service Solutions Government Defence Manufacturing Property

How do we help our clients?

  • We act as a ‘safe disrupter’ to help internal teams to think differently when tendering for work, at country, regional or international level
  • We work alongside business leaders to identify how to take their capabilities into adjacent or new sectors or geographical markets
  • We support organisations through the change process, whether it be mobilisation/transfer programmes or a wider cultural shift
  • We identify how to penetrate new sectors through linking reliable people and organisations and creating winning networks
  • We become trusted partners but remain independent and available to respond when needed.

New sectors & markets — Trusted & independent — Better pitches & tenders

Why work with us?

  • Having helped businesses develop and grow in the UK, Europe and the US, we understand how to translate, target and secure revenue growth in these regions
  • We enable businesses to enter new countries or sectors in a stepped way so that investment is appropriate for the opportunities being pursued
  • We are highly connected and networked with senior executives and business owners around the world, especially in the UK and US
  • With the reputation as a company that can be relied upon, we know how to bring about highly valuable introductions
  • We know time is precious, so we get to the point. If we can’t do something we will say so and suggest the best options
  • Healthy relationships are critical to us, and we enjoy having strong bonds with our clients. If we can relax together then we can address – and overcome – any difficult issues when they arise.

Highly connected — Business & revenue growth — Reliable

What do we do?

We blend consultancy principles based on Lean/Agile methodologies with a ‘deal and results’ mentality and a hands-on approach to realise the best outcome.

Once a client gets to know us, and we gain a deeper appreciation of them, we often find that our skills and problem-solving approach are applied in other areas of their business.

For example, one client used us to review their UK service growth potential. Following the successful completion of that project, they appointed us to deliver positive change in their training and law enforcement product suite.

First-hand operational experience — Lean & agile methods — Hands-on approach

Some of our recent successes

We make things happen and deliver results.

  • Successfully shortlisting our client on a major UK MOD outsourcing programme from a zero base, including influencing the MOD’s approach to and structure of the procurement process.
  • Producing a pricing/commercial model that enabled our client in the unmanned aerial vehicle sector to easily incorporate fixed, variable and high risk elements into a price that was highly competitive and enabled them to secure a position on a lucrative framework contract.
  • Ensuring that our media client fully considered what to do with a surplus property. We designed a highly-compelling development/disposal plan and brochure, then actively marketed the property to achieve a price 20% above their target sale figure.
  • Enabling introductions to parties in our extensive industry network which has helped our defence sector client to differentiate their offering and address gaps in their product suite.
  • Working with the account leads of a European aviation OEM to identify how they could achieve services growth and reduce risks to maintain business as usual.
  • Helping senior executives in a division of a £10bn-turnover property and support services group set out a plan to grow in a new sector and quickly secure a strong position.

Where do we work?

We go where our customer or mission demands and can readily work remotely.

This has seen us work on US Government programmes based in the US, relocate to Hong Kong to assume responsibility for a major reorganisation, or work in European/Middle Eastern locations for shorter assignments.

We work predominantly between the UK/Ireland and North America, and through our network in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) in targeted countries.

Examples of cities we have directly worked in for extended periods of time include: London, Manchester, Bristol, Belfast, Dublin, Paris, Luxembourg, Hamburg, Mannheim, Pristina, Belgrade, Nicosia, Dubai, Riyadh, Nairobi, Hong Kong, Washington DC, New York, Dallas and Canberra.

Our extensive network has wider experience, notably in parts of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America and we can call on their expertise when required.

United Kingdom/Ireland — North America — EMEA

Managing director: David Millar

David has almost 30 years’ experience in the property and facilities management sector, starting as an in-house surveyor and moving into facilities management working in-house and for service providers before developing his consultancy career.

As managing director of Eastern & Wychwood, David has taken on international facilities management and consultancy roles which involved cross-border FM delivery and solution development, including interim management and restructuring of operations through to bid strategy on a successful airport PFI scheme. In the UK, he has led a number of facilities management tenders from single service through to major FM outsourcing projects.

David Millar portrait (Eastern & Wychwood Ltd)

David thrives on supporting businesses through the complexities of major tendering processes and change management projects. His ‘can-do’ attitude, ‘what you see is what you get’ approach and passion for improvement have been felt across numerous industries where he has developed valuable long-term relationships with clients and partners alike.

David is equally comfortable working in large corporate programmes within company compliance structures or with small business owners.

Contact us

Eastern & Wychwood Ltd

David Millar (Managing director): (+44) 7747 124296, david@eastwych.com